Coin Information


We assess and value coins from Canada, the United States, and from around the world. Each coin is unique and sometimes requires expert knowledge in order to determine what they are worth.

How Coins Are Valued

There are a few key determining factors when it comes to coin value. Coins can be valued either for their metal content, for example, gold or silver, or for their numismatic value (collector value). We at elite gold group ltd. make our offer based on whichever of these values are highest.

If a coin is made of a precious metal, we determine the value based on the current market place. The collector (numismatic) value is determined by several factors, including but not limited to market demand, condition, and rarity through low mintage. Some people may think that a coin may be worth a higher value just because it is old. A coin may be over a century old, but if it was made in the millions, and can be found in any coin collector’s collection, then there is no demand for it and is only face value.

Also note that coins that do not contain any precious metal or high collector value (due to large mint quantity combined with low demand) may be worth face value (minted denomination value).

Pro tip: never clean your coins! The condition of a coin is very important in determining the value of a coin and cleaning your coins can actually devalue it. Always keep your coin in its original state, as all the dents, dirt, and patina (that greenish tarnish that forms on coins) are highly sought after and appreciated by coin collectors.

Canadian Coins

With a few exceptions, the majority of Canadian coins that have higher than face value are from 1967 or older depending on denomination.

US Coins

With a few exceptions, the majority of us coins that have higher than face value are from 1964 or older depending on denomination.

Foreign Coins

Foreign coins need to be examined individually, please contact us for additional information.


Bills/Banknotes Information

How Are Bills/Banknotes Valued

Compared to coins, banknotes are either numismatically valued or face value. There are a few determining factors that are used to determine how much each bill is worth, which can include (or combinate of) country, year, denomination, signatures, serial numbers, and conditions.